Steamless v3

10 minute read

project, release

I recently released the newest version of my Steamless project (v3) which has brought some major changes to the project as a whole. I wanted to go over some of Steamless’ life as a project to help others understand my intentions with the project, its source code, and its future. But for that, I w...

Dumping Cheat Engine Trainers

6 minute read

project, release

Given that I am a moderator on Cheat Engine’s forums, one of my duties is to keep the forums clean of various things. One of which is harmful files / trainers that could contain things that are harmful to the users that download and run them. When Cheat Engine 6.0 beta was first started and poste...

Keurig K300 DRM Removal (Brew Any Coffee)

11 minute read


Recently I made the mistake of purchasing a Keurig 2.0 coffee brewer. And I say mistake because the price tag coupled with the unknown DRM until I got it was a huge disappointment. After we purchased the machine we bought a self-use coffee filter that fits the machine. However, the filter did not...

A (Small) Peek Into SteamDRMP.dll

5 minute read


During my past progress with building my project Steamless, I wanted to better understand the DRM itself rather then just removing it and not looking into it more. I took some time to peer into the protection setup that the DRM offers once it is unpacked in memory and the protected target is runn...