Research: Naxia - Infected Game On Steam

34 minute read


Naxia has been a game that I’ve had on my Steam wishlist for months but never really kept a close eye on due to the current reviews it’s had. Along with it’s original game vision before being redone completely (see Defenders of Naxia), the game has not had too many positive things said about it a...

New Website

6 minute read

news, site

Back in 2015, I was doing more web development related things and wanted to get more accustomed to the current frameworks and libraries most sites used. At the time, one of the main libraries was Bootstrap. Although I didn’t create anything too exciting, I made a new homepage to house my projects...

Picking The Lessor Of Two Evils

6 minute read

opinion, rant

A while back, I had pointed out to several friends of extremely terrible things Github was doing behind the scenes because their CEO was a giant piece of human garbage. Between selling out the company to investors, running away from his duties and problems to appeal to investor interests and over...

Personal Discord Server

less than 1 minute read

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Hello everyone, due to bugs with the forum software that I do not have time to care about, I am going to be shutting down these forums and moving my discussions to Discord instead. I will eventually keep releases here on the site but the forums will be removed sooner or later. I encourage people ...