Steamless + Steamless.NET Project Update

2 minute read

I have decided that I do not want to maintain two separate versions of the Steamless project I started a while ago any longer. That is not to say I am ditching the project and not supporting it any longer, it just means that I am condensing the two repos into one.

Steamless (C/C++)

As of this post, I am retiring this project. I do not feel it is worth the effort of doing this project in a lower level language for any reason anymore. The .NET version of the project has gotten a lot more attention so I am going to focus all my time that I have for this to that one instead.

Steamless.NET (C#)

Since I am going to focus on this being the main project now, I have decided to move to starting v2. With v2 of the C# project, I have renamed it to just Steamless and I have also moved it to the old Steamless repo. I do not want to maintain two separate repos so I have merged them together. (Minus the old .NET version info etc.)

Confused? Let me help…

If you are confused as to what this means, here is a rundown of what is happening:

The original code base for the C/C++ version of Steamless is no longer being maintained. You can still get it here:

The Steamless.NET project has been renamed to just Steamless. The Steamless.NET project has been moved to here:

Steamless.NET is now Steamless. Steamless is now at v2 being rewritten to handle the variants better.

SteamStub Variant 3.0.1

In the last few weeks, Steam has released a new version of the DRM variant 3. This new version has changed some things in the DRM header to force 64bit variable size. Otherwise, nothing much has changed. I have decided to rewrite Steamless (C#) though due to some bugs in the old code. Along with being able to handle multiple versions of a single variant.

Because this new version of Steamless (C#) is being rewritten it is missing some things from it for the time being. At this time, it only supports the latest v3.0.1 variant. It will regain v2 and v3.0.0 support soon. I just need to rewrite them to work with the new bug fixes and so on.

So again, you can find all the Steamless stuff here now: will no longer be updated and will eventually be deleted once the new .NET version is up to par with it.