reverse engineering

Research: Naxia - Infected Game On Steam

34 minute read


Naxia has been a game that I’ve had on my Steam wishlist for months but never really kept a close eye on due to the current reviews it’s had. Along with it’s original game vision before being redone completely (see Defenders of Naxia), the game has not had too many positive things said about it a...

Keurig K300 DRM Removal (Brew Any Coffee)

11 minute read


Recently I made the mistake of purchasing a Keurig 2.0 coffee brewer. And I say mistake because the price tag coupled with the unknown DRM until I got it was a huge disappointment. After we purchased the machine we bought a self-use coffee filter that fits the machine. However, the filter did not...

A (Small) Peek Into SteamDRMP.dll

5 minute read


During my past progress with building my project Steamless, I wanted to better understand the DRM itself rather then just removing it and not looking into it more. I took some time to peer into the protection setup that the DRM offers once it is unpacked in memory and the protected target is runn...