Downloads Moved

1 minute read

Hello everyone, this is just a small update post to give some information on what has happened to several things that were previously hosted on my website/server. About a month ago, I made an announcement post on my Discord server regarding some major changes happening over the next handful of months regarding my server which hosts several websites I run. This includes my personal site,

During the changes, I have to downsize what is stored on my server. Because of this, I have opt’d to remove less important files/sites/subdomains from being self-hosted because they are not highly accessed anymore. In most cases, I also don’t really host many projects locally anymore and use third-party hosting such as project / sourcecode sites like GitHub instead. Given my older releases are generally binaries only, without source, I can’t really use GitHub for that though.

One of the main changes to my personal site is the removal of the subdomain. This subdomain housed several of my older game related projects and some other misc files that I had on hand and have been requested on several forums in the past. However, these were taking up space that needed to be freed up on the server. I have instead moved all of the files previously posted there, related to gaming, to my personal Discord server. You can find all of those files publicly available there instead now.

You can join my public Discord here: