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Was informed that the children banned from exeTools a few months back are at it, yet again, to try and stir up drama and "dox" me.

You can read the hilarious idiots mentality here:

Some things to note here:
  • I don't and never have lived in Sacramento lol. (I've never even lived in the state of California.)
  • My name and emails are all public information.
  • My actual location is public information.
If you lazy fucks took more than 2 minutes to spread stupid nonsense on the internet to try to act cool and edgy, then you'd have found all my real information lol. But like usual, you got banned and can't handle it so you just keep trying to spread nonsense to look cool in front of a handful of nobodies. Like I said, all my information is public info. I don't hide who I am because I have no reason to. If any law enforcement wants to come to visit me to check your dumb lies of me being a terrorist, they're more than welcome to. They know where I actually live. :)

You guys should really just give up at this point, you do nothing but make yourselves look like total idiots lol. Thanks for the good laugh.

Just an update that wildcard certs are now supported by LetsEncrypt for free. So the suite of * is now supporting SSL connections (HTTPS).
You can now access the following sub-domains via https:// if you wish to. http:// will still work for the time being, but will be phased out soon. (Now hosted on - this old domain will redirect to the new one automatically.) (Now hosted on - this old domain will redirect to the new one automatically.)

Some of the domains may also have redirects in place to go to the http:// version that will be fixed over time.
Some of these sub-domains may have some issues with the change that will be fixed over time. Feel free to report any problems you have either way.
Over the last few years I have been learning and using Node.js in a lot of my personal / private projects. These stem into things that I use online as well such as backend services as well as full-on sites using this personal framework. Due to some recent drama, someone that I had shared this framework with for a private server to an MMORPG is trying to use my site code as hostage threatening to release it. So instead of giving him that glory, I'll do so myself.

arcanus - A Node.js web framework that is extendable by a powerful plugin system.

This is the current base of the v1 framework I made. It is currently in a state that should work as-is in production with a proper configuration/setup/environment.

I do not recommend using this if you are not familiar with Node.js though and I also recommend you peer-review the code before hand as well. This was made 2-3 years ago when I was first learning Node.js, so there are potential exploits and such in it. Care was taken to prevent SQL injections and prevent any injection points by being a mostly read-only site.
  • This site framework requires Node.js. (Ideally v8.x latest which was what was last used with this.)
  • This site framework is designed to run under IISNode on a Windows server. (It can run stand alone as well since it uses Express.js.)
  • This site framework is released under: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

arcanusdsp - A collection of plugins that make up the DarkStar project related website that was originally created for LegionDark.

These are the plugins that make up the main website that LegionDark ran. (The various tools, character info, server status, etc.) The news section of this is designed to work with phpBB 3.x. A script to pull the news will be posted soon as well.

Again, due to the timing of the release of this, these plugins are mid-transition of being rebranded and reused on the Kupo server. So there are pieces of things setup for Kupo and others still for Legion. The configuration files have been left out on purpose to not share personal information.

These plugins require the arcanus framework above in order to work.

If I have time in the near future I will post up example configuration files, as well as how to setup a server environment to use this properly.

Donations can be made via Paypal for anyone interested: ... SPG6FJYH98
ElitePVP Linkback: ... st36628788

Kritika Online - Premium Cheat Hook

Welcome to the best and only cheat for Kritika Online! EliteMMO brings you the best in premium cheats with the initial release of our Kritika Online hook.

This cheat requires Windows 10!

Cheat Features

This cheat bypasses Xigncode. Because Xigncode is a live anti-cheat that handles cheat detections and updates itself outside of the game, this cheat cannot be guaranteed to work long term! This cheat is sold per-month access because of this.
  • Tier 1 Cheats
    • Tier 1 - EX Gauge Always Full - This cheat will cause your ex-gauge to always be full and ready for use.
    • Tier 1 - Perfect Scoreboard [SS] (No Hits) - This cheat will cause you to get a perfect score at the end of each dungeon by faking the hit counter. (On rare occasions you may not get a perfect score, but this will work for 99% of the dungeons you do.)
    • Tier 1 - Skills No Cooldown - This cheat will cause skills to be instantly ready for use again after using them.
  • Tier 2 Cheats
    • Tier 2 - Always Back Attack - This cheat will cause all your hits to be back attacks as if you were attacking from the back of everything.
      • This cheat will work in arena and pvp zones with this tier!
    • Tier 2 - God Mode - This cheat will cause you to not be hittable. (You can still take damage and die from debuffs!)
    • Tier 2 - Skills Cost No Mana - This cheat causes skills to not require mana to use them.
      • This cheat will work in arena and pvp zones with this tier!
    • Tier 2 - Vac Monsters (Press ~) - This cheat allows you to pull all monsters to you with the press of ~.
    • Tier 2 - Override Stats: Attack Speed - This cheat lets you override how fast you can attack and use skills.
    • Tier 2 - Override Stats: Graze Rate - This cheat lets you override how often you graze. (High value will make you never graze!)
    • Tier 2 - Override Stats: Movement Speed - This cheat lets you override your movement speed.
  • Tier 3 Cheats
    • Tier 3 - Vac Players (Press ~) - This cheat lets you pull all players to you with the press of ~. (Useful in pvp!)
    • All cheats will work in arena and pvp zones with tier 3 access!
Interested? Get started by subscribing now! ... ership-new
Hello everyone,

This is a small notice to everyone that joins my site for any reason. This notice may not apply to 99% of you, but it does apply to a few people as of late. And I want to clear the air and make it known to those select people (and others like them) about something.

If you join my site with the intentions of getting me to help you with a project so that you can profit off others work and efforts, you can kindly fuck off. I am not going to help you steal other peoples work and effort so you can sell it later on for your own personal gain. Do not contact me if your plans are to do anything like this or similar. I am not interested and will not help you.

I'm not sure what the deal is lately with this sudden influx of people wanting to steal others work and profit from it, but this is really disappointing. This seems to be a growing trend in the modding/hacking scene as of late where everyone is out to make money on everyone else's work. Just because someone posted something publicly does not give you the right to steal it for your own gain. Reversed information, assets, modifications, simple and small patches, etc. whatever it may be, it is not yours to take and profit from.

I don't care if you live in another country with shitty copyright laws that may not enforce things like that.
I will not help you.

So if you plan to join my forum and contact me about something like this, simply don't. Cause the answer is no.

I don't care what you think you can offer to me, or what you think I'm interested in.
I do not care if you want to try and bribe me with money.

The answer is still no.