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Kritika Online - Premium Cheat Hook

Welcome to the best and only cheat for Kritika Online! EliteMMO brings you the best in premium cheats with the initial release of our Kritika Online hook.

This cheat requires Windows 10!

Cheat Features

This cheat bypasses Xigncode. Because Xigncode is a live anti-cheat that handles cheat detections and updates itself outside of the game, this cheat cannot be guaranteed to work long term! This cheat is sold per-month access because of this.
  • Tier 1 Cheats
    • Tier 1 - EX Gauge Always Full - This cheat will cause your ex-gauge to always be full and ready for use.
    • Tier 1 - Perfect Scoreboard [SS] (No Hits) - This cheat will cause you to get a perfect score at the end of each dungeon by faking the hit counter. (On rare occasions you may not get a perfect score, but this will work for 99% of the dungeons you do.)
    • Tier 1 - Skills No Cooldown - This cheat will cause skills to be instantly ready for use again after using them.
  • Tier 2 Cheats
    • Tier 2 - Always Back Attack - This cheat will cause all your hits to be back attacks as if you were attacking from the back of everything.
      • This cheat will work in arena and pvp zones with this tier!
    • Tier 2 - God Mode - This cheat will cause you to not be hittable. (You can still take damage and die from debuffs!)
    • Tier 2 - Skills Cost No Mana - This cheat causes skills to not require mana to use them.
      • This cheat will work in arena and pvp zones with this tier!
    • Tier 2 - Vac Monsters (Press ~) - This cheat allows you to pull all monsters to you with the press of ~.
    • Tier 2 - Override Stats: Attack Speed - This cheat lets you override how fast you can attack and use skills.
    • Tier 2 - Override Stats: Graze Rate - This cheat lets you override how often you graze. (High value will make you never graze!)
    • Tier 2 - Override Stats: Movement Speed - This cheat lets you override your movement speed.
  • Tier 3 Cheats
    • Tier 3 - Vac Players (Press ~) - This cheat lets you pull all players to you with the press of ~. (Useful in pvp!)
    • All cheats will work in arena and pvp zones with tier 3 access!
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Hello everyone,

This is a small notice to everyone that joins my site for any reason. This notice may not apply to 99% of you, but it does apply to a few people as of late. And I want to clear the air and make it known to those select people (and others like them) about something.

If you join my site with the intentions of getting me to help you with a project so that you can profit off others work and efforts, you can kindly fuck off. I am not going to help you steal other peoples work and effort so you can sell it later on for your own personal gain. Do not contact me if your plans are to do anything like this or similar. I am not interested and will not help you.

I'm not sure what the deal is lately with this sudden influx of people wanting to steal others work and profit from it, but this is really disappointing. This seems to be a growing trend in the modding/hacking scene as of late where everyone is out to make money on everyone else's work. Just because someone posted something publicly does not give you the right to steal it for your own gain. Reversed information, assets, modifications, simple and small patches, etc. whatever it may be, it is not yours to take and profit from.

I don't care if you live in another country with shitty copyright laws that may not enforce things like that.
I will not help you.

So if you plan to join my forum and contact me about something like this, simply don't. Cause the answer is no.

I don't care what you think you can offer to me, or what you think I'm interested in.
I do not care if you want to try and bribe me with money.

The answer is still no.
The CeAutoAsm plugin is a wrapper around a mini-project of mine, ceautoasm.dll.

ceautoasm.dll is Cheat Engine's internal auto assembler ripped out into a standalone library that can be used pretty much anywhere in a Windows environment. ceautoasm.dll uses the latest Cheat Engine code base for its internal workings with as minimal changes to the original code as needed to make it work.

Some features of the auto assembler and internals have been removed to limit file size and ease of use.

Removed Features (General)
  • All ARM / JNI / Unix / Mono features removed.
  • All Lua features are removed.
  • All driver/kernel level features removed.
  • All DBVM features removed.
  • Structure / Extended debug information resolving removed. (May restore later.)
Removed Features (Auto Assembler Engine)
  • Prologues [Removed due to not using Lua/Plugin features.]
  • Commands [Removed due to not using Lua/Plugin features.]
  • Plugins [Removed due to not using Lua/Plugin features.]
  • INCLUDE() macro. [Removed due to overhead/bloat. May be restored later.]
  • KALLOC() macro. [Removed due to not using kernel features.]
  • LOADLIBRARY() macro. [Removed due to overhead/bloat. Lot of code changes required to work with this library.]
  • LUACALL() macro. [Removed due to not using Lua features.]
  • REASSEMBLE() macro. [Removed due to requiring unwanted UI related things / disassembler engine.]

CeAutoAsm implements the following commands for x64dbg:
  • ceautoasm.getaddress [parsable_string]
    • Parses a Cheat Engine based string that can be interpreted as an address.
  • ceautoasm.goto [parsable_string]
    • Parses a Cheat Engine based string that can be interpreted as an address and goes to it in the CPU window.
  • ceautoasm.script.enable [script_name]
    • Executes the enable section of the given script.
  • ceautoasm.script.disable [script_name]
    • Executes the disable section of the given script.
Full information and download can be found on the Github:
As someone that uses remote desktop very frequently, it gets annoying when random issues arise such as the initial connection taking 30+ seconds to finish. Staring at a 'Welcome' spinner for that long, with no reason or merit as to why, gets old fast. My issue was somewhat unique compared to the various similar topics found via Google for this as the server I connect to for one of the things I work on uses a full-on domain controller and Active Directory setup.

When this type of configuration is enabled, your local system has to have network level authentication enabled.
The general fix for the slowness is to set, in the default RDP config, the following option:

Code: Select all

In the setup I am discussing here, this is not a valid fix as this disables the NLA features. Attempting to connect to the remote server would then prompt an error stating that NLA is not available and it cannot connect. Interestingly enough though, if you force this feature to enabled, it fixes the slowness issue. So in the default remote desktop configuration, I placed at the bottom:

Code: Select all

And the slow connection is fixed.

If you do not need to use NLA at all in your situation, the first code block should be enough to fix the problem for you.

The default remote desktop config file can be found inside of your Documents folder on Windows 8.1+. It is named Default.rdp, which is considered a system file and is hidden by default. So be sure to adjust the folder permissions to view the hidden file. Edit with any standard editor, ie. Notepad++ and you should be good to go.
Hello everyone, simple and to the point request. I am looking for someone who is very familiar with Xigncode in terms of its inner workings and bypassing it. Preferably a full-on bypass and not just an emulation or similar. Looking to chat with someone that has this experience with Xign, I personally have never played a game with it so never had to bother with it until now.

Hit me up via pm or any other means if you have any information and want to chat.