Restore Backspace In Chrome To Go Back

less than 1 minute read

Once again, a software developer feels the need to completely change a feature that has been the same for decades to please a minority, yet claim that the people using said feature are the minority to begin with. In a recent Chrome update, they decided to remove the ability to navigate backward via the backspace button directly. Instead, you now have to hit ALT+Backspace. Their claim is that too many people were complaining about losing form information by accident. And also claimed that 0.04% of Chrome users use the backspace button to navigate backward. I call utter bullshit on that number.

Either way, you can restore the backspace functionality by adding the following to your Chrome shortcut:

--enable-blink-features=BackspaceDefaultHandler --test-type

Update - Google eventually made an extension to do this, really dumb that you remove a feature and readd it back as an extension..