Old Projects

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Hard Drive Cleanup

In the last weeks I have been cleaning up some old hard drives again and moving things into a single storage drive. I had a lot of old IDE drives ranging from 20GB to 80GB holding various past projects and such from previous computer builds. I needed to get rid of them since they are just taking up space and moving them off older drives that are bound to be dying sooner or later is for the better.

I have found a lot of old projects ranging from various languages such as MASM, VB5/6, C#, C++, some stuff I did when I hosted Half-Life based servers using MetaMod and SourcePawn scripting etc.

Old Project Releases

Given that a lot of these projects are old and unmaintained by me now, I am going to slowly release ones that I feel are not important to me to keep private. Some of the projects will be simple single file things, while others will be more or less full projects.

I will do what I can go give as much information on the projects that I do release, such as what compiler was used, how to compile it, any extra libs that will be needed etc. when possible. However, since there are projects that are extremely old, I will not be able to give much info to some of them.

Support and Feedback

I do not plan to support anything released based on this. However, some projects I can give some support to I will note so in their topics.

While feedback is welcome, keep in mind these are old projects and my coding habits have vastly changed since their creation. Along with that, a lot of them are not even in languages I still code in. You are welcome to suggest things or give feedback, but keep it in mind that they are not going to be altered / fixed by me based on that feedback.

Usage and Liability

Unless specifically stated in the thread for the project, none of the things released will be allowed to be used in commercial products. If you wish to use something commercially please contact me and we can discuss things further.

By using any of the projects released, you take full liability to what happens. I am not responsible for anything that happens while using any projects or code on my site.