Backup / Restore Outlook 2013 Between Computers

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This is more or less for my own usage later on if I need it again. I recently got a new desktop computer and needed to move my Outlook setup from my laptop to the new desktop. However the process of moving all your settings / emails / etc. does not seem to be an easy task. So this is something I found on the net and just reposting here for my personal usage later. If anyone else finds it useful, thats a plus as well.

Backup Outlook Information

  • Open the system registry (regedit).
  • Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook\Profiles
  • Export the entire Profiles folder (right-click and export).
  • Close regedit.
  • Navigate to your Outlook’s pst file. (Default location is: C:\Users\YourAccountName\Documents\Outlook Files)
  • Make a copy of the .pst file located in this folder that your main account uses.

Restore Outlook Information

  • Install Outlook on the new system as normal.
  • Load Outlook at least once to ensure all needed files, data, and registry information is created.
  • Close Outlook.
  • Navigate to where the new system Outlook pst file is located and delete it.
  • Reopen Outlook, it should error that the pst is missing and wants you to refind it.
  • Place the backed up pst file where the old one was and select it in the window to locate the pst file.
  • Close and reopen Outlook and it should load normally.
  • Close Outlook again.
  • Reimport the registry profile information from the other system. (Double click the reg file you created.)
  • Reopen Outlook and you should be prompted to input the password of each account.
  • Use the Send/Receive button to restore each emails data.

And at this point the backup should be complete and working as desired.

Results may vary for some as different email setups may work differently. This does not backup and restore other information / settings! This is just for the email accounts. If you need to backup and restore other specific information from your Outlook install, see the following link for file and location information that Outlook uses: