Backup / Restore Outlook 2013 Between Computers

1 minute read


This is more or less for my own usage later on if I need it again. I recently got a new desktop computer and needed to move my Outlook setup from my laptop to the new desktop. However the process of moving all your settings / emails / etc. does not seem to be an easy task. So this is something I ...

Keurig K300 DRM Removal (Brew Any Coffee)

11 minute read


Recently I made the mistake of purchasing a Keurig 2.0 coffee brewer. And I say mistake because the price tag coupled with the unknown DRM until I got it was a huge disappointment. After we purchased the machine we bought a self-use coffee filter that fits the machine. However, the filter did not...

A (Small) Peek Into SteamDRMP.dll

5 minute read


During my past progress with building my project Steamless, I wanted to better understand the DRM itself rather then just removing it and not looking into it more. I took some time to peer into the protection setup that the DRM offers once it is unpacked in memory and the protected target is runn...