Steamless v3

10 minute read

project, release

I recently released the newest version of my Steamless project (v3) which has brought some major changes to the project as a whole. I wanted to go over some of Steamless’ life as a project to help others understand my intentions with the project, its source code, and its future. But for that, I w...

Restore Backspace In Chrome To Go Back

less than 1 minute read


Once again, a software developer feels the need to completely change a feature that has been the same for decades to please a minority, yet claim that the people using said feature are the minority to begin with. In a recent Chrome update, they decided to remove the ability to navigate backward v...

Node.js - Remove Routes From Express.js 4.x Stack

6 minute read


As of late, I have been developing within Node.js due to work. We are currently in the midst of launching an enterprise website and when development began, we opted to make use of Node.js as the underlying core for the website. The original version was coded in ASP.NET but we chose to ditch the f...

Direct3D9 Debug Runtime On Windows 8.1

3 minute read


Came across this issue today while trying to debug something. It appears that in the latest versions of Windows, Microsoft has decided to disable the ability to use the DirectX.cpl control panel tool as well as fully disable the debugging runtimes. This is pretty annoying since not everyone wants...