Moving To Discord:

Hello everyone, due to bugs with the forum software that I do not have time to care about, I am going to be shutting down these forums and moving my discussions to Discord instead. I will eventually keep releases here on the site but the forums will be removed sooner or later. I encourage people to join my personal Discord if you have questions, if you are looking for any of my projects, etc.

Registration Code (Part 1): w%kQ6
Registration Code (Part 2): b<#$1[*(cw~
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i dont know if u saw my sent pm so.

Feel free to discuss anything here, as long as it follows the rules!
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i dont know if u saw my sent pm so.

Post by Fuujii » Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:43 pm

u did some adjusts in luadec to read a .lua file with header \x1Bwps, i followed u instructions but when i will make them to exe, only 2 files get output, lua.exe and luac.exe and i need luadec.exe i think, like u said on post of, can you help me with it? or u just can compile it to me and send me a link to download?

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