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Grim Dawn DLC Item Unlocker

Topics regarding the new upcoming ARPG Grim Dawn.
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Grim Dawn DLC Item Unlocker

Post by atom0s » Tue May 12, 2015 3:11 pm

Here is a script for my Grim Dawn Hook project. This requires GrimLua to be loaded in order to work!

Place the following code into a .lua file called dlcitems.lua and put the file at:
  1. --[[
  3.     Grim Dawn DLC Item Unlocker (c) 2015 atom0s []
  5.     This is a simple Lua script for Grim Dawn Hook's GrimLua plugin
  6.     that will give a player all the current DLC items.
  8.     This file requires GrimLua to work!
  10. ]]--
  12. -- Obtain the local player..
  13. local me = Game.GetLocalPlayer();
  15. -- Give the local player the DLC items..
  16. me:GiveItem('records/items/bonusitems/bonus_burrwitchbrew.dbr', 1, true);
  17. me:GiveItem('records/items/bonusitems/bonus_summonwisp.dbr', 1, true);
  18. me:GiveItem('records/items/transmutes/dlc_head_powderedwig.dbr', 1, true);
  19. me:GiveItem('records/items/transmutes/dlc_torso_swashbucklerscoat.dbr', 1, true);
  20. me:GiveItem('records/items/transmutes/transmute_powderedwig.dbr', 1, true);
  21. me:GiveItem('records/items/transmutes/transmute_swashbucklerscoat.dbr', 1, true);
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Re: Grim Dawn DLC Item Unlocker

Post by tt300 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:09 pm

I want to add a backpack, how to write the script?
The problem has been resolved!

Code: Select all

-- Obtain the local player..
local me = Game.GetLocalPlayer();

-- Give the local player the DLC items..
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Re: Grim Dawn DLC Item Unlocker

Post by swaglord123 » Sat Mar 19, 2016 11:20 am

Even tho I'am not interested in this game, I'am following the progress of exploring this game, and I can say great stuff

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