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EliteAPI / EliteMMO.API - Premier API

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:56 pm
by atom0s
EliteAPI.dll / EliteMMO.API.dll

What is EliteAPI.dll?
EliteAPI is the new API proxy created by Wiccaan (aka atom0s) for use with the new EliteMMO Network premier applications. The API focuses on bringing a collection of useful functions into a single location rather than spread out into various source files in a single application. Being in a centralized source project allows for easier updates and fixes as well as smaller release packages for when updates happen. Users can now enjoy updating their applications simply by just updating their EliteAPI.dll files assuming they are coded to not need any other external resources or memory information.

EliteAPI IS NOT locked down to EliteMMO Network applications either! You are free to use EliteAPI in your applications, given that you follow the terms of service that is applied while using our API library.

You can read the full terms of use here:
>> ... termsofuse

What is EliteMMO.API.dll?
EliteMMO.API.dll is a managed wrapper (written in C#) around the EliteAPI.dll exposed functions. This wrapper makes it quick and simple for users to use the new EliteAPI within their applications if they are coding with C# / Vb.NET.
EliteMMO.API.dll is written in C# and designed for it so you are encouraged to use C# and not Vb.NET if possible.
(Support will not be given to those writing applications in Vb.NET as I (Wiccaan / atom0s) do not write in it and do not support it!)

Full documentation for EliteAPI.dll can be found here:
>> ... eapi:start

At this time there is no documentation for EliteMMO.API.dll, given that it is managed and unprotected you can view the functions via the Object Browser or a decompiler.
This should be enough info to help users to started with the features of the wrapper.