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FantasyScript - Premier Scripting Engine

Topics that are regarding the popular online MMORPG Final Fantasy XI.
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FantasyScript - Premier Scripting Engine

Post by atom0s » Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:53 pm


What is FantasyScript?
FantasyScript is the new premier scripting engine brought to you by the EliteMMO Network.
It will be replacing the current scripting engine within XiClaim.

FantasyScript helps bring the old stale script engine of XiClaim to a newer state. Including the following features:
  • Fully recoded from the ground up; making use of the latest coding technologies such as WPF for a much sleeker UI.
  • New syntax editor removing all the stupid bugs of the old one making coding extremely frustrating.
  • New saved scripts monitor. Automatically monitors your scripts folder for new files, changes, etc.
  • New output window. Displays various information while compiling and building your scripts.
  • New error/warning window. Displays the errors and warnings of your script when you go to compile / run them.
  • New compile-only mode. Allows you to simply compile your script to test your code for errors without running it.
  • AppDomain separated scripting! Scripts are now fully and truly ran from separate app domains. No more getting stuck in memory and not being able to delete a script!
  • New EliteAPI integration. The script engine fully integrates with the new EliteAPI via the EliteMMO.API.dll wrapper. Anything exposed by the managed wrapper can be accessed within the script engine!

At this time, the new syntax editor does not include any type of intellisense. This is something I will be trying to work on in my free time if possible. If anyone is familiar with the WPF control AvalonEdit, feel free to contact me if you want to help out. Or if you have another WPF code editing control that I can make use of.

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