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Pewdiepie vs. The Internet

A place to rant about something, give constructive criticism or otherwise soft-flamming. (Direct hate, extensive flamming or similar will be removed. Keep it friendly.)
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Pewdiepie vs. The Internet

Post by atom0s » Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:20 pm

A recent happening that is exploding currently is Pewdiepie live streaming some PUBG gameplay and using the word "nigger" during that stream. He quickly attempted to correct himself and say he didn't mean it in that way and that the person was an asshole. In terms of context, that was implied already but the internet decided to take it and run with it as a racist slur being used when it wasn't. Often times people are quick to assume the use of a word is immediately pushed to the cultural-norm version of the word and not the actual definition. In context, his use of the word fit fine and applied the actual definition, even following it up by saying the person was an asshole which agrees with the definition.

Am I defending him for saying the word? No. But I do think that the internet is taking things way out of context, as usual, and just trying to destroy him because of his position. He is the #1 YouTuber in subscribers and is seen as the forefront of the platform by many. Because of this, they hold him to some higher standard than others. There are plenty of other YouTubers that say the 'n' word on a daily basis, but none of those people are ever pulled into question or exploded on by the media. They instead, cherry pick for the story that they know will bring in views.

Something that I found funny with this entire story is the game developers of Firewatch, something COMPLETELY unrelated to this event, have decided to DMCA takedown Pewdiepies videos of their game on his channel. This is a complete and total abuse of the DMCA system and the purpose of it entirely. It is disgusting that a game developer who has nothing to do with a situation decides to jump on the view train trying to give more attention to their otherwise sub par game because its sales are down/slow and player numbers are lacking. They belittle Felix (Pewdiepie) and go on a rant over the situation on Twitter, then are quick to try and defuse their actions by claiming they probably did make money off the 5mil+ viewed videos by Felix. Yet on their own site, they claim people are free to stream their games and monetize them. Completely invalidating their own DMCA purpose.

They claim they will issue takedowns on any future game videos of theirs on his channel as well. Here's a great tip for you Sean, I really doubt he will ever touch another one of your piece of trash games in the future. Much like the vast majority of the community who is appalled at your retarded antics and have vowed to not touch another piece of anything your name is associated with, myself included.

Seriously, have you never played an online game? Have you never listening to any of the millions of online gamers on games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-Strike, etc. just constantly screaming "faggot", "nigger", or death threats over their mics. But no, clearly Pewdiepie is obviously the problem as you say. Developers such as yourself are a problem in the industry. You are quick to make assumptions about what you think the community as a whole is thinking all because you are trying to be some social justice warrior like person when something like this is blown out of proportion all for trying to gain attention to your shitty company and shitty game. It'll be nice to see your game flooded with negative reviews on Steam cause of your bait tactics to get more attention.

Simply put, fuck Firewatch. Fuck Campo Santo, and fuck Sean Vanaman and people like him. You are the problem with the game industry.
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