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Details (0.1.9) - Things you wanted in NosTale!

NosHook addon releases and discussions can be done here.
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Details (0.1.9) - Things you wanted in NosTale!

Post by Elyclea » Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:59 pm

First of all, thanks to atom0s for making NosHook and updating it.

I am trying to make an addon to add additional features and information you want to see and have in NosTale.
And this is the result :3

Actual version characteristics (0.1.9):
- HP lector. It works with a simple calculation taking: the damage that the selected object recieved and the percentage of hp lost.
The more damage it recieve (the object) while being alive more exact will be the calculation.
- XP and JobXP in numbers! (In the right side the last amount of xp you recieved)
- Target and self ids.
- Streamer mode, now you can disguise your name! (obviously clientside)
- Settings!
- Settings are saved and loaded!
- New ImGui style!

Images of the actual version:


List of ideas:
- Maybe I will add a setting in Target tab to set on or off the detection when a Player gets the damage from a bad effect (actually Details don't
detect the damage from a bad effect, if anyone have the packet format pls send it).
- Put some settings for editing ImGui style in-game.

By downloading it you agree the same license of the other addons.: ... 9.rar/file

If you have any idea or improvment of the code please post a reply here or PM me.
Have a nice day ;)

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