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SoMove (0.0.2) - Automatic SideStep

NosHook addon releases and discussions can be done here.
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SoMove (0.0.2) - Automatic SideStep

Post by Elyclea » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:10 am

First of all, thanks to atom0s for making NosHook and updating it.

Now, "SoMove" is an addon I made because I was bored. (Script base stealed from atom0s addons and examples)
I am not a programmer, it is a hobbie and I do this things (thanks LUA for making my live more easy. And atom0s too).
It works, but please, read the bug list. I have tested it with some monsters of Nosville and the Meadows (in the Spanish NosTale server).
You can configurate it at your wish (by editing the script, you will see some variables).

List of bugs (READ THIS, IS IMPORTANT!):
- My Addon do not detect or have any list of the coords (depending of the room) where the character can not go, so if you activate it near a coord
where the character can not go, you will not move there, and you could get some tps or kicks from the server. (Spectrum of the coords 1-infinite).

By downloading it you agree the same license of the other addons. ... 2.rar/file

Anything that can be improved of this addon or post: "Please tell that to me :3"

(If I have the will of updating and improving it, I will do.)
Have a nice day ;)

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