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FPSCap - Set The Games FPS Divisor

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FPSCap - Set The Games FPS Divisor

Post by atom0s » Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:26 pm

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Addon Author: atom0s
Addon Name: FPSCap
Addon Version: 1.0.0
Addon Repository:

FPSCap is a simple addon that allows you to change the FPS divisor (cap) of the game.

Installation and Usage
  • Load up the new NosHook injector and download the addon via the Addons page.
  • Edit your Default.txt to include the addon if you wish to auto-load it via: /addon load fpscap
  • Load the addon manually via the console: /addon load fpscap
This addon is auto-load friendly, meaning you can add it and use it within your Default.txt such as:

Code: Select all

/addon load fpscap
/fpscap 0
  • /fpscap # (Where # is the number you wish to set the divisor to.)
Warning: Changing the FPS divisor can increase the CPU usage of the game. Older machines may have issues while using a lower divisor value. The lower the value, the higher your fps will go.

18 is the default divisor value.
0 is uncapped, allowing the FPS to go as high as your system can handle.

FPSCap can be downloaded via the NosHook injector on the Addons page.
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