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Hello everyone, due to bugs with the forum software that I do not have time to care about, I am going to be shutting down these forums and moving my discussions to Discord instead. I will eventually keep releases here on the site but the forums will be removed sooner or later. I encourage people to join my personal Discord if you have questions, if you are looking for any of my projects, etc.

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NosTale (NosHook) Discontinued

Personal posts regarding my releases and research on various topics.
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NosTale (NosHook) Discontinued

Post by atom0s » Mon Sep 16, 2019 1:11 am

One of my projects, NosHook, has been officially discontinued. I have no interest in the game or keeping the hook and such updated any longer and the backend Git service is just sitting there eating resources on my server for no good reason. I have killed the service and removed the updater/repo.

I will not be updating the launcher to remove any errors/issues it spews out when launching. I have no intentions on fixing/updating the launcher to work with the new changes to the main client either. I deleted the game a while ago and I have no plans on redownloading it anytime soon.

No, I will not be releasing the source code to any of the stuff that is still closed source either.
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