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[README] Rules / Regulations

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:23 pm
by atom0s
Hello and welcome to my new site and forum. :)

Since I started using this alias I have been working on obtaining this domain name and it has finally gone up for sale again this year!
Searching one night out of boredom, I landed up finding out the domain was up for grabs and quickly snatched it up. So here we are, the start of my new personal site.

Rules / Regulations
  1. Please speak English. This is an English speaking forum, please do not speak in other languages.
  2. No warez. None, at all. Any links or references to warez will be removed and you will be banned.
  3. No racism. This is not a forum for childish name calling and junk. Keep it to yourself.
  4. No bickering, fighting, flaming, harassing.
  5. No spam. This is not a forum for you to post useless junk.
  6. No virus, trojan, malware, or other harmful intended posts or attachments at all.
  7. No porn or other sexual related content at all.
  8. No violence, hate, terrorist, etc. related content at all.
  9. No backseat moderation. If there is a problem, use the report button or send me a private message.
  10. No selling or advertisement allowed. (I may do so as this is my site. You are not allowed to though.)
You agree to the fact that I reserve the right to the following:
  1. Delete your posts / account at any time, without warning.
  2. Delete any and all content on my site without warning.
  3. Update or edit this list of rules and regulations at any time, without warning.
I reserve the right to make changes to this post, without any warning, at any time, and that you adhere to those changes, regardless if you have read them or not.
I reserve the right to advertise and sell products on my website as I own this domain.

The Purpose Of This Site

There are several purposes of this site. Here is a list of what I have planned for this domain:
  • Main Website
    • The main domain is going to be a personal website. I want to use the main domain as more of a 'Meet Me' or 'Resume' type website. Showing off who I am, what skills I have, projects I work on as well as any other information regarding me. I feel it is a great way to show off what I am capable of in a manner that does not seem egotistical. The main site is targeted to be simple, clean, and to the point. While it will link to various other parts of this domain, the main site is going to just handle the basics up front.
  • Blog
    • The blog portion of my site will cover various topics that I enjoy sharing with others. I do not plan on using a traditional blogging platform though. Instead, I plan to make a custom blog page that uses these forums as a back-end. I'd rather use a forum that is easier to maintain, edit, and modify then use a blog system that has limitations, integration annoyances, and other layers of security issues. Having things unified into 1 system helps me keep things under control and better maintained. So I will be using this main section of my new forum for my blog posts.
  • Forums
    • The forums will be a home to all my personal projects. Support and releases will be handled here. It is easier to maintain everything in a single location rather then creating a handful of separate forums or websites for each project. However, most of what I do is open source so their support / issues / bug reports are all maintained and handled on GitLab instead.
Constant Changes

Since this is a personal site, plan on things changing constantly. I will be working on various parts of this site constantly in my free time to tweak it to my preferences as well as to get things into a state where it is easy to maintain, easy to use, and user friendly. The forums will probably see the most changes since it is a base install of phpBB currently. I plan on eventually finding a new theme/template to use since the default ones are a bit "default".

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