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VB6 AutoAssembler - Cheat Engine ASM In Visual Basic

Programming topics that relate to Visual Basic 5/6.
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VB6 AutoAssembler - Cheat Engine ASM In Visual Basic

Post by atom0s » Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:40 pm

Project Name: AutoAssembler
Project Download:
Support Status: No Support
Commercial Usage: No - Contact me for commercial usage questions.

Project Information
This project allows users to make use of Cheat Engine's auto-assembler within Visual Basic. This is done by compiling part of Cheat Engine into a DLL that was specially crafted to be used in external projects. (The latest version of Cheat Engine no longer supports this and the included version is fairly old.)

The package includes several things:

- Contains the compiled Cheat Engine auto-assembler DLL. (ceautoassembler.dll)
- Contains the compiled VBProxy.dll required to use the auto assembler in VB.
- Contains an example application making use of this project.

- Contains a full program allowing usage of the auto assembler. (Full editor, process handling, script loading etc.)

- Contains the proxy DLL project and source. (This is written in C++)
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