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GHME - Game Hacking Made Easy

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:18 pm
by atom0s
Project Name: GHME (Game Hacking Made Easy)
Project Download: http://atom0s.com/downloads/GHME_DLL.rar
Support Status: No Support
Commercial Usage: No - Contact me for commercial usage questions.

Project Information
This was an old project I made when I first started doing game hacking in VB. I do not recommend using this at all and instead using the VB6 Trainer Toolkit I posted if you wish to use VB5/6 still. This project was more or less poorly written and required users to include a DLL with their project. That is not at all ideal for releasing trainers and the project was short lived. I stopped working on it pretty soon after making it and didn't recommend it to users as it served little point with trainers.