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Application Dump - Handful of Downloads

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:32 pm
by atom0s
Due to recent happenings in the PSO community, it seems like things are falling apart from the inside out. The Administration has gone to shit (granted it has been that way since Crono took over), and many of the major respected people are stepping down and moving on.

With that, I am releasing all of the PSO stuff I have still in case anyone finds it useful.

Download Link ... 6PMsa?dl=0

Whats Included
  • Patches
    • KING's NEW PATCHES.rar
    • PSO Long Chat Patch.exe
    • PSO Long Room Name Patch.exe
    • PSO Undo Disable Mouse (Hold Mode) Patch.exe
    • PSO
    • WMC
  • Trainers
    • Bankmod v1
    • Bankmod v2
    • cname.exe
    • EGGMAN.exe
    • ENEMY EDITOR 1.1.exe
    • HackTrainerfinaledition.exe
    • HIPOPO's Mega Trainer.exe
    • HIPOPO's Trainer.exe
    • ippatch.exe
    • m1ndspsotrainer.exe
    • MUSE BANK MOD 1.2.exe
    • PSO Trainer 1.2.exe
    • PSO_Eggman.exe
    • PSO_No_Wep_Drop.exe
    • Spammer.exe
    • Unknown.exe
  • Misc Files
    • - Includes PSOPC, PSOGC and PSOBB encryption methods.
    • psofix_v140.rar
I have other files on another hard drive somewhere including the old server source code, original encryption methods from schthack, our first lobby bot we made together and some other things. However I can't seem to locate that drive currently. If I do find it, I'll post those up as well.