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toxy - Terraria Packet Editor / Proxy

Topics regarding the hit sandbox builder/adventure game Terraria.
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toxy - Terraria Packet Editor / Proxy

Post by atom0s » Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:28 pm

What is toxy?
  • toxy is a third-party tool for the online game Terraria.

    toxy allows users to manipulate the game data being sent between their game client and the game server without modifying the game client in anyway at all. This allows for easy manipulation of the games data without altering the games files in any way.
What can toxy do?
  • toxy comes stock with various features, but being open source allows it to be extended in many ways. toxy includes the following features:
    • Manipulate, edit, alter, and drop packets to and from the game client and server.
    • Ignore all damage packets being sent to and from the server.
    • Ignore all buff/debuff packets to and from the server.
    • Max all damage being done by the local player sent to the server. (TShock proof.)
    • Vac (Vacuum) players to the local player.
    • Spawn any item with any prefix (when permitting) with any amount (when permitting).
    • Log all chat into a window separate from the game.
    • Log packets into a file for analysis.
    • Proxy the connection between the game and the server. (Allows IP ban evasion.)
    • Intercept outgoing chat messages starting with a period ('.') as a toxy command.
    • toxy commands are handled in Lua allowing easy and quick creation of new commands on the fly.
    • Lua interface to interact with commands. Scripts are hot-loaded so no reload is needed!
Is toxy detectable by TShock?
  • No. toxy comes with some hacking features such as the maximum damage alterations to damage packets, however the packets damage is set to the maximum allowed damage on a default stock TShock server. This means any damage you do will deal 175 damage (max for TShock).

    TShock has no way to determine that you are cheating or using this tool.
What is the point of toxy? Isn't this just another hack/cheat?
  • Technically yes, toxy is a hacking/cheat tool. However the purpose and intent of this tool is to raise awareness in the security flaws of Terraria's protocol as well as the poor implementation of security in terms of banning players.

    My intentions with this tool is to gain awareness and hopefully get Redigit to recreate the Terraria protocol to NOT allow the client to alter data in the manner it is currently able to do. Terraria is currently WAY too open in terms of allowing the client(s) to send too much data to the server to manipulate things they should not be allowed.

    Terraria's server should be handling things such as:
    • Damage amounts to objects and players.
    • Projectile creation, updates, movements, damage, etc.
    • Player inventory syncing. (Allowing server to alter a players inventory.)
    • Player movement, location, etc. (Players can currently freely teleport where ever they want.)
    • Item spawning / creation.
    • Distance calculations for damage, projectile interaction, block destruction, etc.
    However, the game DOES NOT currently do any of this. Instead, the stock game server is basically grounds for hacking, griefing and utter chaos leaving third-party creations like TShock to fix what should be stock in the game.

    I am NOT encouraging anyone to use this tool to grief servers, cause issues with the game, or any malicious activity, however I am not your parent so I cannot stop you.

    I wish that everyone would share this project on the Terraria forums to build awareness to get Redigit to actually fix the game where it needs the most fixing. The server.
  • Terraria (c) to Redigit /

    I claim no ownership to the trademark Terraria or any of its content, data, images, etc.
    I am not responsible for what happens while using this tool, or any code included in this project. You agree that by using this tool, its code, or anything associated with this project, that you are entirely that you take full responsibility for anything you do with it.


Please note: toxy is no longer updated publicly and the last version posted on the repo no longer works as the client protocol has undergone changes. A private version of toxy is still working however I do not release it publicly for free. Feel free to pm me if you are interested in obtaining a newer copy of toxy.
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