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toxy++ v1.0.0.0 - Terraria Packet Editor / Proxy

Topics regarding the hit sandbox builder/adventure game Terraria.
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toxy++ v1.0.0.0 - Terraria Packet Editor / Proxy

Post by atom0s » Thu May 05, 2016 10:27 pm

toxy is back! And now in C++ form!

What is toxy++?
  • toxy++ is a packet editor / proxy for Terraria. It is the second version of my original toxy project, however, this version is fully rewritten within C/C++ making full use of Lua for its packet editing features. Users can easily create addons to manipulate packets and create custom commands. This allows for a massive user customization setup for those that are interested in the packets of Terraria and altering things to their desire.
How does toxy++ work?
  • Like a standard proxy, toxy++ sits between your connection to a Terraria server. Instead of connecting directly to a game server like normal, you instead connect to toxy++ and it will then connect to the game server internally. From there the connections are forwarded within toxy++ between the Terraria client and the server. However, there is a layer of interception within toxy++ that allows it to manipulate, add or remove packets from the flow.

    Think of it like this:

    Code: Select all

    |-----------------|  Outgoing To Server |-------------------|  Outgoing To Server |-------------------|
    |                 | ------------------> |                   | ------------------> |                   |
    | Terraria Client |                     |       toxy++      |                     |  Terraria Server  |
    |                 |  Incoming To Client |                   |  Incoming To Client |                   |
    |-----------------| <------------------ |-------------------| <------------------ |-------------------|
                                            |                   |
                                            |   Custom Packet   |
                                            |   Modifications   |
                                            |                   |
What can toxy++ do?
  • At this time toxy++ has the following features:
    • Works with stock Terraria and TShock servers! (Limitations apply to protected servers.)
    • Can intercept packets going to the server.
    • Can intercept packets going to the client.
    • Can block packets from being sent either direction.
    • Can edit packets being sent either direction.
    • Can inject packets on the fly, anytime, either direction.
    • Can intercept chat packets with a given beginning marker to handle as internal toxy++ chat commands.
    • Full Lua addon support with full access to various game information.
      • Access every players information. (Health, position, player colors, etc.)
      • Access the current worlds information. (Time, spawn location, event data, etc.)
    • Full unrestricted access to every packet.
    • Easy to use packet wrapper library for Lua addons. Easily create and alter packets on the fly.
    • Easy to use command handling system to intercept chat packets as commands for toxy addons.
What comes with toxy++?
  • toxy++ comes with some in-house addons to get you started as well as to help demonstrate the addon system. These addons should help even the novice coders get started to easily creating their own addons.

    The following addons are currently included with toxy:
    • goto - Allows the player to teleport to others (and given coords). [Works on TShock servers.]
    • heal - Allows the player to heal themselves. [Works on TShock servers.]
    • kill - Allows the player to kill other players. [Works on TShock servers, with limitations.]
    • killnpcs - Allows the player to kill all npcs. [Works on TShock servers, with limitations.]
    • maxdamage - Allows the player to override all outgoing damage they produce to a max value. [Works on TShock servers, with limitations.]
    • nodamage - Allows the player to ignore all incoming damage from the server. [Works on TShock servers.]
    • vac - Allows the player to pull all players to them for easy kills. [Works on TShock servers, with limitations.]
    While most of these work on TShock servers, there are some limitations with them. TShock can alter the limits of what your client can do and send to the server. So keep that in mind when you are using these addons. Here is some information per-addon of what TShock can / can't do to you:

    Code: Select all

        TShock can monitor your location and determine if you are teleporting around when you shouldn't 
        Depending on the server, they can have a plugin that monitors your movement for large jumps.
        This addon could get you banned from the server!
        TShock does not really monitor healing as there are various items that make use of this same 
        At this time, I do not know of any active protection against this.
        For this to work, you and the other player(s) must have PvP enabled. You must also be within the 
        'max damage range' set on the server you are playing on or nothing will happen. TShock can 
        determine if you are not within that range and spew a message about it.
        Depending on the server, they can have a plugin that monitors for consistent out-of-range damage 
        attempts and flag you as a cheater.
        This addon could get you banned from the server!
        This makes use of a value hard-coded into Terraria to instantly kill an npc. If you damage an 
        npc with -1 damage, it will instantly die. TShock can easily determine if you are sending this 
        This addon could get you banned from the server!
        This addon alters all outgoing damage by your character to a high number. This number is the
        default max-damage value of TShock at this time. (1175) Keep in mind that server owners can
        alter this number easily! If you go over the damage threshold you will trigger the server to
        freeze you in place and notify the administration / logs that you are possibly cheating.
        This addon could get you banned from the server!
        This addon blocks all incoming damage to your player. While there is no real way for the server
        to detect this, players will see you 'die' when you don't really die. This can appear like you
        are teleporting to others as well as not taking damage. It is easy to tell if someone is using
        this if you continue to try killing them and nothing happens.
        This addon could get you banned from the server!
        This addon pulls everyone to your location. Only you see this on your screen, but people can
        be hit by you upto two screens away on default TShock settings. This allows you to easily 
        kill other players while pvp'ing. This is also really easily detected by other players based
        on the weapon you use as well as visually seeing if your swings / bullets are anywhere close
        on their screen.
        This addon could get you banned from the server!
Common Questions
  • Q. Is toxy++ detectable?
    A. Not directly, no. But other players can tell if you are using certain addons. Some TShock protections can detect things as well. (See the notes above.)

    Q. Can this get me banned?
    A. Yes. If you use it carelessly you can easily get banned from the server you play on.

    Q. Can this get me VAC banned?
    A. No. Terraria does not use VAC and this DOES NOT attach to or alter the Terraria.exe at all.

    Q. Can I kill players with this without them being flagged for pvp?
    A. Currently no. If an exploit is found to do it then possibly.
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