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Hello, i'm just some random person

Feel free to discuss anything here, as long as it follows the rules!
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Hello, i'm just some random person

Post by ZadkielSan » Tue Jun 30, 2015 11:31 am

And I want to say thank you, i've just relaunched Terraria today (yeah big update) and I've tryed to use my favorite save editor TSGE, and saw there is no more updates for this tool, and I felt kinda sad for the things happenned to you, it's hard to be treated like this if you use your time to give a community awesome tools for free.

So I just wanted to tell you thank you alot for thoses tools !

And keep going (just saw you made tools for grim dawn, it's awesome i'm gonna test them) !

A random person who liked your work.
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