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FantasyWarp v2.0.0.0

Topics that are regarding the popular online MMORPG Final Fantasy XI.
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FantasyWarp v2.0.0.0

Post by atom0s » Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:11 am

The most advanced Final Fantasy XI warp tool!


System Requirements

FantasyWarp v2 makes use of the newer .NET Framework versions. Given that EliteMMO has discontinued support for Windows XP, we can now use newer versions of things that offer better features and better performance. Please be sure that you meet the following requirements:
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or newer must be installed.
  • Visual C++ 2015 (x86) Redistributable must be installed.
What Is FantasyWarp?
  • FantasyWarp is a third-party 'click-to-warp' mapping tool for Final Fantasy XI. While using FantasyWarp, the player can easily warp to any location on the map by either enabling the 'Click To Warp' feature and clicking on the position of the map they wish to travel to, or use the 'Saved Locations' feature to warp to predefined locations.

    FantasyWarp makes traveling the world of Vana'diel less cumbersome!
What Features Does FantasyWarp Have?
  • Click-To-Warp
    Simply hold shift and click to the desired location on the map to teleport where ever you want to go!

    Maintenance Mode Warping
    To help prevent detection of others seeing you fly across the map, FantasyWarp offers the option to enable the maintenance mode status while warping. This will desync you from the server and prevent others from seeing your movement update. (Keep in mind players can still see you just disappear! In some cases they may see you slide a little as well!)

    Position Hack Adjustments
    While FantasyWarp can get you to where you want to go, it does have some limitations with the Z axis. Since there is no way to determine the proper floor level where you are warping to, FantasyWarp includes positional hacks to allow you to fix your position should you land up in a wall or in the floor.

    Zone Delay / Player Detection
    To further help prevent detection, FantasyWarp includes the same player and zone detection system as Clipper. You can have FantasyWarp disable its features based on players around you as well as just after zoning allowing time for others to load into your client properly.

    Player Specific Configurations
    Just like Clipper, FantasyWarp offers player-based configurations. The options offer adding player names and zones to exclusion lists that will prevent FantasyWarp from saying you are detected. The simple to use options screen is just a click away to keeping you on point and safe!
What's New In Version
  • Full Rewrite
    The original version of FantasyWarp was coded in a more or less rushed manner after several requests were made for it. Some corners were cut and the overall application suffered from this. v2 is now fully rewritten in a more proper manner utilizing WPF in a much better manner. The overall performance of the application should be much better.

    Flicker Free Rendering
    Due to poor coding and rushing the original version, a major issue that some users noticed was the map would often flicker. Users on lower-end machines would notice this the most. The new version of FantasyWarp should eliminate this issue entirely making for a much better user experience.

    Safer Click-To-Warp Usage
    One thing I was asked about was the ability to have a safer means of preventing misclicks and warping. In FantasyWarp v2, I have enforced holding shift to allow click-to-warp to work. Users must now Shift+Click in order to warp anywhere while 'Click To Warp' is enabled. (Except while using saved locations.)

    Map Rendering Rate Configuration
    Users on lower end machines requested the ability to alter how often the map renders, this is now a configuration option you can set in the options window.

    Slim Compact UI
    FantasyWarp v2 has been condensed into a simple and small window displaying just the map while holding the additional features in other screens/menus. The old UI was huge, clunky and overall ugly. This new UI is much cleaner, easier to manage and easier on the eyes.

    New Radar Items
    Along with displaying yourself on the map, FantasyWarp v2 includes the ability to display other players, monsters and npcs on the map. FantasyWarp v2 also has a huge customization window specifically for these new features. You can individually edit each type of entity displayed on the map as well as its individual information per-entity type. Further more, FantasyWarp v2 allows you to fully customize how the map renders objects via editing the actual code of the radar item.

    Zoomable Map
    You can now use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the map to get a better visual of where you want to warp to as well as see the entities around you easier!

    Custom Radar Item Editing
    Know how to code in WPF/XAML? Want to customize the look of the radar? FantasyWarp v2 now allows you to do this! Inside of the /Data/ folder, you will find a 'RadarEntity.xaml' file. This file is what FantasyWarp uses to render objects on the map. You can customize the map rendering to your liking! (See other post for more information on this file.)
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