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Fuck Dropbox...

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Fuck Dropbox...

Post by atom0s » Thu Jun 30, 2016 7:12 pm

The other night a friend of mine informed me that a link of mine was not working for a file shared via Dropbox. I tested link myself and indeed it was not working. First thought was maybe the link expired so I had the client generate one for the file again and nope, it was the same link. Still didn't work. Tried renaming the file to get a new link, still nada. I landed up logging into my account on their website to find, buried within my account settings that my public link sharing was banned.

Skimming their forums, this seems to be their new method of trying to force people into paid accounts as many other users have started having the same problem.

Dropbox never informed me in any manner that I was getting banned due to bandwidth issues, at least that is what the site says is the reason in a very vague manner. No email, no popup from their Desktop app (which will still generate shared links for me even though they are banned), nothing.

Other users have complained about their terrible support as of late too, tickets getting automated responses immediately after being posted and having the ticket force-closed as 'Resolved' from the automated response. It's a shame that an awesome piece of software has turned into junkware with terrible support. Sadly, everything is turning into that if it's not paid for. Free users that tend to drive their product to be a success are always forgotten and treated like trash.

At this time I have completely removed everything of mine from Dropbox and will not be using it again. I have moved majority of my Dropbox files to a public folder here:

You should be able to find everything from my Dropbox here. If you see something missing feel free to let me know.

I am looking into alternatives to Dropbox as well if anyone has any suggestions.
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