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Grim Dawn - A Positive Note

A place to rant about something, give constructive criticism or otherwise soft-flamming. (Direct hate, extensive flamming or similar will be removed. Keep it friendly.)
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Grim Dawn - A Positive Note

Post by atom0s » Fri May 27, 2016 3:24 pm

After contacting both Paypal and Humble and being told they would not refund me for my Grim Dawn purchase, I was directed to contact Grim Dawn's sales department directly.
For anyone else interested in seeking a refund due to their fraud tactics, you can send an email to their sales department here:

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I sent an email to them last night before heading to bed and woke up to a response this morning within 12 hours. Pretty surprised to hear back that fast, let alone it being a non-automated response. In my original email to them I explained why I wanted a refund due to being frauded out of what was promised when I paid for the game. I requested either to be given a DRM free copy of the game along with my existing Steam copy, or to just be refunded. The sales person that responded asked for my Paypal email address to handle the refund and within 30minutes of my response, I was refunded the full $24.99.

I am happy that there was no hassle with their sales team to get this handled and that a refund was issued vs. having to take things any further.

Sadly, I still won't recommend Grim Dawn as a game to anyone, or Crate Entertainment as a company to anyone. Given the drama with them between this issue as well as past things that lead them to banning me from their forums for laughable reasons, it's a game company that I just can't stand behind.

If you read this Crate / Crate Employee's, I suggest you realize that modding is a thing and is going to happen whether you want it to or not. Regardless if your game is in alpha testing or not, people are going to mod it. If you don't want things exposed/modded/exploited, don't put them in the game until it's ready. (ie. Achievements, DLC items, etc.) Simply put, modding on PC games is a huge thing. People are always going to be looking for ways to do things that the developers didn't expect, or didn't want to happen.

Punishing your player base for doing something is going to only make people hate you as a company. Was my ban justified? Not really since I didn't break any forum rule, I just pissed off a developer so he got butthurt and banned me. Do I care? Not really since I don't care for the game anyway. And an IP ban does nothing these days anyway. Either way, you should embrace your community that wants to mod the game. Don't want faulty bug reports? Design your bug report system to understand modded game files (MD5/Crc/SHA hash checks on files etc.) and prevent people from submitting reports on modified games. Banning people from your forum for modding the game is nothing short of asinine.
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Re: Grim Dawn - A Positive Note

Post by immorrr » Sun May 29, 2016 11:00 pm

atom0s wrote:And an IP ban does nothing these days anyway. Either way, you should embrace your community that wants to mod the game.
In Germany, most ISPs do not even support static IPs in their standard contracts. You mostly get a dynamic address (from within a static ip pool) which changes every 24h. :P

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