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Farewell GitHub...

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:11 am
by atom0s
GitHub was one of my frequently visited sites that I personally used daily to either maintain a project of my own, check up on projects I contribute to, or monitor projects that I personally use on a daily basis. It had been a quick link on my browsers start page for ages and had I always loved their idealogy of how their company worked.

Sadly, this is not what GitHub is today. In the recent months, the company has undergone major restructuring, dropping their entire original business model and attitude. From the casual wear, friendly coworkers, and remoting jobs, GitHub virtually changed from being a business of friends to another suit-and-tie pressure house overnight. Their CEO was bought out of his views due to greed. Instead of working the company with the vision they had from the start, he instead took money over values.

The countless interviews, articles, and other news media covering this has shown that the CEO was more interested in money than his coworkers. People are being fired simply because of how their work method was before hand does not fit into his new 'model'. People have quit because of tensions with other co-workers becoming supervisors/bosses with no real merit behind their position. It is sad to see an amazing platform that promoted open business models, open source projects, and community collaberation has now changed their inner-vision to the complete opposite.

Because of this, I have moved all my work off GitHub and moved to GitLab instead. You can find my work here from now on:

All of my projects that were on GitHub have been moved. However, I have deleted a handful of old projects that either no longer work, or have no purpose. Those projects are available upon request if you wish to obtain them still. (With the exception of a select few of them.)

If you wish to know more about the GitHub issues, check out this article that covers a good chunk of whats going on: ... ory-2016-2