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Tom Clancy's The Division - I love it.. but..

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:57 am
by atom0s
I recently purchased Tom Clancy's: The Division after a few friends had gotten it and recommended it to me. I reached Lv30 yesterday and had gotten to experience just about everything the game has to offer. I did personally shy away from one of the elements of the game that Ubi really pushed in their advertisements, known as the 'Dark Zone'.

The game is a PvE oriented style game similar to the Diablo series where you are working to get better gear.
A dungeon crawler in a sense, but with guns.

In terms of the PvE aspects of the game I love it. The game play is fun, fresh, and solid. The various aspects of the game are amazing and feel great.
There are definitely some obvious influences from Diablo 3 within the game, for example how gear works, as well as stat rerolling.

But why I hate it..

  • The game has no anti-cheat and instead is currently ran on a report basis. This means that there is 0 point to even trying the Dark Zone right now. The Dark Zone is the games open world PvP area where anyone can kill you and take the gear you have collected in the Dark Zone so far. Given that there is no anti-cheat or real fear of being banned currently, there are tons of hackers just ruining that experience. While the zone has good intentions and an interesting playstyle to it, the fact that you are bound to just get destroyed by a hacker ruins that experience entirely.
  • This game is FULL of exploits and bugs. To be honest it feels like the game came out of beta a bit too early and a lot of the things that people are doing should have been fixed ages ago. Between glitching through walls using shields, to rolling through gates because collision gets derp'd when you are close to something and you are covered. People have exploited so many things to get a massive advantage in gear and stats and when Ubi comes in to fix them, nothing happens to those people. They are not punished or anything. So it leaves the newer chunk of players that come in after the patch fixes at such a disadvantage in terms of gear and stats. It's another thing that helps ruin the Dark Zone given that a fresh 30 that started playing after patch 1.0.2 vs. someone that exploited the shit out of a few things prior is so massively over geared. There is a huge lack of balance.
Ubi's Horrible Support
  • I opened a ticket on their support system over a week ago and still have not heard a single thing back. I get 24/48 hours for a response, but over a week and nothing still is ridiculous, especially from a major company.

    Going along with the above topics about hacking/exploiting, they do not punish anyone currently. They simply patched the exploits and left people alone. So those people that got to take advantage of those exploits got all kinds of major gear, currency, etc. by breaking the rules and nothing happens to them. Completely defeats the purpose of having rules if they are not enforced. And also makes the game less appealing to newer players.
Ubi is definitely in new territory with this game that they obviously have not experienced before and it is going to take quite a bit of adjustments to get the game at a point that people are going to enjoy it. Currently, there are so many elements of data that are handled client sided that should not be that it really makes hacking a breeze. The game has a lot of polishing up to do on the hacking side of things before I feel more will be included to really take it serious.

The game is great, don't get me wrong, but when they focus on the Dark Zone being a major end-game piece of content, there is no way people are going to bother or care about it if they will just get hacked constantly trying to do anything in it.

Re: Tom Clancy's The Division - I love it.. but..

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:59 am
by swaglord123
How can you actually in 2016 create a game with multiplayer and no anti-cheat? Playing the game for multi is nonsense, its obvious you will get owned by someone with hacks, so people will move to other games with anti-cheats... If you want to have a game that will be played quite some time you should add some protection... I hope they will implement some AC and maybe reset the levels? I mean there is no game that is "unhackable" but atleast the devs try to fix/detect the hacks ASAP.

Re: Tom Clancy's The Division - I love it.. but..

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:04 pm
by atom0s
Resetting levels will make everyone quit. I don't think that really fixes the problems. They definitely need to start taking the hacking / exploiting more serious and start actually punishing people though. As it stands now, you can do whatever you want without fear of getting in trouble. Find an exploit? Abuse it all you want cause as it stands now, Ubi does nothing to punish people that do wrong in-game. Hackers go unbanned for months now (see Ubi's forums with multiple complaints of the same hackers over and over for weeks on end).

It's pretty obvious that Ubi is not at all experienced with multiplayer gaming at all.