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Peekaboo - See Invisible Entities

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Peekaboo - See Invisible Entities

Post by atom0s » Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:40 pm

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Addon Author: atom0s
Addon Name: Peekaboo
Addon Version: 1.0.0
Addon Repository:

Peekaboo is an addon that allows you to see invisible players.
If a player is currently invisible, the addon will force them to become visible to you.

For this to work, after loading the addon you will need to zone at least once to start getting packets from the zone you wish to be in.

This addon works by rewriting a few packets and blocking another from happening.
- 'in' packet is rewritten if the player is invisible.
- 'cl' packet is rewritten if the player is invisible.
- 'out' packet is dropped if the player is going invisible recently. (Within 5 seconds of the out packet.)

Installation and Usage
  • Load up the new NosHook injector and download the addon via the Addons page.
  • Edit your Default.txt to include the addon if you wish to auto-load it via: /addon load peekaboo
  • Load the addon manually via the console: /addon load peekaboo
Peekaboo can be downloaded via the NosHook injector on the Addons page.
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