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NosHook - Direct3D Hook / Plugins / Addons

Topics regarding the online game Nostale.
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NosHook - Direct3D Hook / Plugins / Addons

Post by atom0s » Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:54 pm

ElitePvP Release Link ... ddons.html

Direct3D Hook / Plugins / Addons

>> Donations
Enjoy my work? Want to show your support? Why not donate? ... Q2GRT6KUJN

>> What is NosHook?
  • NosHook (short for Nostale Hook) is an injected third-party DLL that wraps the games graphics engine and extends the base client.
    NosHook extends the game in various ways by including:
    • In-game console to interact with NosHook directly, while in-game.
    • Direct3D wrapper to allow custom rendering of anything.
    • Executable script files to allow you to run commands on the fly.
    • Key Bindings allowing you to create your own hotkeys for executing commands.
    • Plugins allowing anyone to create their own features and extend NosHook even more.
    • Scriptable Lua addons allowing those whom are not savvy with C/C++ to still code their own things.
    • Extensive font objects that are highly customizable.
    • Full ImGui support for making in-game UIs to do anything you want.
    • And more!
    NosHook also includes helpful features such as:
    • Multi-client support without any file patching or multiple exe's needed.
    • Removal of the annoying game splash screen.
    • Ability to enable vsync and adjust the buffering of the Direct3D device.
    NosHook also has the ability to handle packets from the game. It can both block incoming and outgoing packets, as well as inject new packets in either direction as well.
    These features can be accessed by both plugins and addons alike.

>> System Requirements
  • NosHook should work on any system that is newer than or equal to Windows XP w/SP3.
    You may need to have the latest service packet of your operating system in order for it to work.

    NosHook is developed with Visual Studio 2015 (Update 3), and relies on the VC++ 2015 Redist runtimes.
    You can download and install them from here: ... x?id=52982

    Please note: You only need the 32bit package of this file. (The one that has x86 in the name.) It does not matter if you are on a 64bit machine, NosHook is not compiled as 64bit code. So the 64bit package will not work.

>> Installation / Setup
  • NosHook comes in an archived package compressed by 7zip. You can use 7zip, WinRAR or any other archive program that supports the 7z extension to extract the archive into a new folder. You should place all the files that come with NosHook into a directory of its own, being sure to retain the folder structure of the archive. I suggest either a new folder on your desktop or something simple to remember such as C:\NosHook\.

    Once extracted, you need to set the install path to Nostale within the installpath.txt file. Simply open this file in notepad, and edit the path to where your Nostale.exe and NostaleX.dat file are located.

    And that's it! The base installation is done. Anything more is just fine-tuning and personalization tweaks! :P

>> Documentation
  • You can find some generic documentation for NosHook within the /Documentation/ folder. At this time I kept things simple, however if enough interest is shown in this project, I will setup a full scale wiki holding documentation for it.

>> Developers
  • Are you interested in developing plugins or addons for NosHook? Awesome!

    To get started, check out the Documentation folder. Within there you will find an Addons and Plugins folder that holds information specific to developing for either type. You can find an example plugin source code within the /Documentation/Plugins/ folder which can be compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. (Any C/C++ compiler will work fine though.)

    For addon development, you can find an example addon in the /Scripts/Addons/example/ folder.

>> Legal Crap No One Reads
  • Code: Select all

    I, atom0s, am not responsible for anything that happens while using NosHook.
    NosHook is a third-party tool that is against the games terms of service. By using NosHook, you
    understand that you are risking being banned. I am not responsible for any loss of items, 
    characters, or accounts. You take full responsiblity while using this program.
    NosHook is not affiliated with Nostale, Gameforge, or any of its associated entities.
    Nostale is © 2007 Entwell Co., Ltd. Published by Gameforge 4D GmbH. 
    All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

>> Download

Please DO NOT upload this file to other websites. Instead, link people to this post/thread or the thread holding the most current version. I do not like seeing my downloads on other sites as people tend to infect them and try to steal peoples accounts and such. I would rather people come to my site, the official location of NosHook and obtain a real copy here. Thanks for understanding!
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