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I am looking for "atom0s" management.

Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 8:07 am
by papapaaa
Because I can not find your mailbox, so I had to come here to find you, bring you trouble I am very sorry.
No matter how I want you to send me an email.

Hello, I am a Chinese partner, please allow me to bring you wealth.

"Please give me a minute, please read it in detail, I will give you a surprise, hope will not disturb you."

I am a Chinese, I am looking for a partner. Make money together.

"Web hacker" see. $ 100,000 a month

Please look carefully, invade a website about 10BTC.
A month invasion of 7-8 sites. Only 100BTC.
I will not pay first.
After you get the web shell, first modify the database, and then I pay BTC.
I will not all give you BTC.
Modify the database once and I pay once.
Some sites I can pay more BTC.
But I must earn more.
Of course the site has waf, defense is very strict.
The intrusion can not disturb the administrator.
When the discovery, it can not make money.
The longer the authority, the more money you can earn.
Some sites. Modify the database for 1 month. You can earn 100BTC.

The site is safe. Not a gambling site. I know what people are open to the site. So you do not have to worry.
Of course the site is illegal.
Now tell me, are you willing to cooperate?

No problem, we cooperate

Do not think I'm lying, I do this work for years, and now the site is safe, there WAF, I have no way to penetrate


To give money first, do not find me.
Rookie do not look for me, because the site has WAF, very safe.

If you do not believe me, we can try to cooperate. You will not lose anything. Believe me, i can give you a

Honesty - Chinese people.


Re: I am looking for "atom0s" management.

Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 11:37 am
by atom0s
I am not a malicious hacker by any means. I have no intentions of helping anyone harm anything be it a website, a program, a business, etc. You should look elsewhere as I am not interested in this.